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Product Description

The Ecoglo range has been subjected to accelerated UV/weathering exposure, and proven to be highly resistant to the effects of UV/weathering. Testing has been extended from the usual 1000 hour or 2000 hour test, out to 6000 hours, which can be interpreted to be similar to around 30 years of outdoor exposure. At 6000 hours exposure, while there is noticeable loss of gloss of the top surface, the loss in PL brightness is less than can be detected by the human eye (measured reduction of 5-8%). The unique ridges in the photoluminescent strips protect the glowing areas from most abrasive wear, and other incidental abuse. Ecoglo uses its patented process for maximum durability. Using powder means the polymer we use is “long chain” which forms a strong UV resistant product when bonding.


The manufacture of all Ecoglo products involves the integral bonding of the photoluminescent layer to a rigid aluminum substrate, so there is no chance of delamination or peeling. Rigid products spread any applied loads over a greater area of installation adhesive. Ecoglo signage uniquely incorporates an integrally bonded antigraffiti protective top coat over the print, which also protects the print from abrasive wear. Because this top layer bonds into the substrate, there is no chance of delamination or peeling. Ecoglo bonds onto rigid aluminum and applies a protective top coat for greater installed durability.


The unique ridges in the Ecoglo photoluminescent strips and the integrated anti-slip contrast strips provide all-weather slip resistance. Ecoglo combines ridges and anti-slip contrast strips for slip resistance.

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