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The Problem’s:

An inclusive world would be ideal. Unfortunately whether it is at home, at work, or at play, individuals with challenges and disabilities are often unnecessarily excluded.

There is misconception that accessible environments are unappealing, unattractive, and more costly to achieve and maintain.

There is also a misconception that creating accessible spaces accommodates a minority in our society.

- I’m not there yet…

- Ageism

- Decreases the value of my home..not worth the investment

- Can’t afford it


To create awareness of products and services that seamlessly remove barriers and open the world to all.

Your home is your castle and it can be stylish, and at the same time give you a comfortable safe environment.

"Here is what to look for when you build your castle."

Your Home: Apartment, Condo, Retirement Residence, House

Identify the hazards. Look at the options and select the best solution that creates a safe, beautiful, and welcoming environment.

Identify your individual needs & wishes!

Determine the best path for your individual needs.

European Bi-folding Glass Doors

These elegant Bi-folding Glass Doors allow for barrier free access into the shower. Another benefit of installing these Bi-folding Glass Doors is the fact that caregivers can assist your loved ones in the shower without getting splashed by water.

Showroom Elegant Barrier Free Shower

Like all TAC's work, this elegant barrier free shower was built with heart and style in mind using beautiful porcelain tile and Schluters line drain system.

Funded Barrier Free Shower

This shower was built for an Ontario March or Dimes client. There is zero threshold into the showering area. We used dual purpose grab bars that hold over 500 Ilbs of weight. Not only can you grab on to them, you can also use the grab bars as shampoo and soap holders.

Custom Designer Finishes

Sometimes, our clients have custom designs in mind. With this bathroom, you'll see a custom made vanity with a beautiful marble countertop. You can also see top end designer grab bars. These are securely attached to the wall and can be used as a towel bar and a grab bar. Accessibilty can be beautiful!


A comprehensive assessment of your living space to identify what needs to be remedied to accomplish the environment that is best for you and your family.

Set a date and time with one of our experts who will do a complete walk through of your property and then sit down with you and offer you solutions to any problems that exist.

These solutions will make you aware of the Good, Better, Best options available to you. Once the Total Home Safety Check is complete you will have an understanding of what needs to be done and a rough idea of the costs.

Modern Easy to Install Railings

The simplicity and good looks make this one a no brainer. These railings come in bronze and silver. They are made out of aluminum and can go anywhere in your home.

Designer Fold Up Bench

This bench is attractive and functional. Folds away when not In use.


Call TAC at 416-546-1000 to book your complimentary/no obligation Total Home Safety Check.


Commercial Buildings & Business

Not sure how to comply with current accessibility guidelines/standards for your business?

Did you know that business’s that are not accessible potentially miss out on 75% of business. This is due to the fact that not only does the person with the disability not give you business, it's most likely their family and friends will not give you business as well. Imagine being in a wheelchair and trying to access a bathroom that is located in the basement?

Businesses in Ontario must file an accessibility compliance report every two years. This is to confirm that you have met your current accessibility requirements under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)

Has your organization established, implemented, maintained, and posted a multi-year accessibility plan?

Does your organization have a written accessibility policies and a statement of commitment?

Those are just a couple of the many questions that need to be asked in order to maximize your business potential.

Total Access Centre Inc has many different accessibility products and services to bring your current building or business up to AODA standards.

This includes Accessible Service Counters, Wayfinding, Photoluminescent Exit Signs, Evacuation Devices, Portable Transportation Devices, LULA Elevators, Lifts, Automatic Door Openers, and Fully Accessible Bathrooms.

If you are a commercial property owner or tenant, consider implementing accessibility now or in your current plans for improving your property.

Positives are:

  • Improve access will bring you clients
  • It’s cost effective when you do it once and do it right.
  • You are creating a better world
  • By updating you can be implementing long term cost saving solutions.
  • Increasing value of your property

Schools & Universities

At TAC, we understand the importance of accessibility, especially when it comes to standards and safety in school environments. Does your school have an emergency evacuation plan for a person in a wheelchair stuck on the 5th floor in wake of fire? Is your bathrooms fully accessible and able to accommodate wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, and scooters? Does it meet current Ontario Building Code?

As this industry grows each day as do students, it’s imperative to accommodate the accessibility population and create an inclusive environment to all.

We have the latest equipment that steers away from the “institutional,” look, and finds it way into a new category of accessibility called “Stylish Accessibility.”



Thousands of patients are discharged from Canadian acute-care hospitals every day. Some are transferred to other facilities for further care, others happily go home to continue with their recovery and a portion go home with great trepidation not knowing what to expect.

Often people feel that the best place for their recovery and rehabilitation is in the hospital, where the equipment and help is always available. In fact, it is possible to have all you need to be safe and comfortable in your own home.

It is possible for patients who can have care at home to recover as quickly as they do in a hospital setting.

A home that accommodates the needs of the patient is an integral part of the rehabilitation and recovery at home process.

Let the great team at TAC show you all the possibilities and make life easy transitioning yourself back at home.


Hospitality & Businesses

It goes without saying that at a Hotel, the goal is to take care of the customer and treat them like royalty so it creates an experience that they will remember in hopes that they will come back for more stays.

Accommodating the accessibility population will be crucial to those Hotels that would like to be comforting and welcoming to all.

All hotels should have “Accessible Suites,” that truly are multi functionally designed so that everybody can use it. Keeping in mind that people predominately staying in accessible suite will be using assistive devices. Narrow Doorways, small turning radiuses, standard bathtubs, etc, are definitely NOT accessible.

Let Total Access Centre create a design that truly works for the customer that will be staying overnight. There are many stylish and functional products are the market that TAC has access to.

Call us today at 416-546-1000 to bring your Hotel up to accessibility code and have all customers coming back for more.

Remember, un- accessible not only loses business directly with the client, but it also loses business for family members as well.